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Data Science Foundations

DS1 / CS 90DA, Fall 2020

Week 8 Announcement

Nov 24 · 1 min read

Dear DS 1 students,

If you are struggling with anything in particular, feel free to start a follow-up discussion for this post on Piazza (remember that you can also post anonymously, if you feel more comfortable not sharing your name). You can also review the material during the office hours or schedule an appointment with Prof. K.

  • Project 1 has been posted. Start on it right away!
  • As usual for labs, which are always due before the next lab, Lab08 will be due on the same day as the Project 1 draft. Lab08 should help you with the project, so I recommend working on them in tandem, especially, since Lab08 largely echoes Lab07.
  • After you submit your Project 1 draft on Wednesday, you have until Friday to finalize your submission. Use the office hours throughout the week to get feedback from the mentors on your project.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful long weekend!

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UCSB DS1 Data Science Foundations, Fall 2020, taught by Prof. K

Welcome to the course!

Data is everywhere, and each of us has access to data on virtually any topic imaginable via the internet. However, access to data is not the same thing as access to information. The purpose of this course is to develop some of the foundational skills needed to consume data and create information. The main theme in the course is understanding the sources of data, the variability inherent in data, and the inherent uncertainty associated with conclusions drawn from data.

The course teaches critical concepts and skills in computer programming and statistical inference, in conjunction with hands-on analysis of real-world datasets from a variety of disciplines.

Getting started